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Clickbook is an interactive, engaging, colorful, compelling, and comprehensive social studies digital curriculum. Perfect for districts needing an all-digital curriculum.

Clickbook is 100% aligned to the latest GSE. All strands, Themes, and Topics are covered and met throughout the course.


Digital Curriculum

Simple. Smart. Engaging.
100% Aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence

Clickbook encourages students to take responsibility for learning, strive for high performance, and be persistent in mastering content and meeting goals. Over and over, students step up to meet this challenge! 


One way Clickbook achieves such significant results is through its highly interactive approach. Interactive exercises are as much a part of the learning process as is the content they are based on. Clickbook’s connected process of interacting, reinforcing, reflecting, and assessing makes learning click! 


Clickbook encourages students not to settle for mediocre results and instead to strive for great! The best time to catch a misunderstanding or to solidify a correct understanding is in real-time—right at the moment the student considers a question and selects an answer. That is when the idea, concept, content, or skill is at the forefront of the student’s mind—and on the screen right in front of him or her. Clickbook uses real-time responsiveness throughout the learning process and encourages students to review content, repeat exercises, and ask questions throughout these interactive engagements.

Clickbook includes a variety of activities that follow an inquiry-based approach to enhancing literacy and critical thinking skills to reinforce mastery of standards.


  • Flash Points

  • Skill Builders

  • Map Skills

  • Project-Based Learning*

  • Primary Sources*

  • Enrichment Reading*

  • Writing Prompts* and More!

*These activities are responded to outside of Clickbook.


Pre-built & Auto-graded 

Clickbook includes hundreds of pre-built, auto-graded assessment questions. Updated grading and reporting features allow educators to easily measure and monitor student success.

Interactive Content & DOK-Leveled Activities

Because Clickbook promotes perseverance in learning and mastering content and skills, students are allowed to repeat exercises as many times as needed or desired. 

  • Reading for information

  • Cause & Effect

  • Classifying Information

  • Predict Possible Outcomes

  • Primary Source Analysis

  • Inference

  • Point of View

  • Problem-Solution

  • Compare & Contrast

  • Analyzing Charts & Graphs

  • Critical Thinking

  • Timelines

  • Map Skills

  • Fact or Opinion

  • and more!

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Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 12.26.51

Teaching Tools

  • Page-by-Page Outline

  • Planning Guide

  • Pacing Guide

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