Assessment System

Measure student learning with ExperTrack Assessment System's interactive, auto-graded assessment questions. Results data informs instruction, while students improve comprehension, deepen understanding, and strengthen their ability to apply knowledge and skills.

Measure Student Learning

ExperTrack Pre-Built Tests

Through different ExperTrack assessment methods, teachers are given the data needed to recognize if students are meeting expected learning standards. Tests are pre-built, covering the topics and skills required by state standards. 


  • Evaluate students against standards and test for prior knowledge

  • Identify areas to focus future instruction


  • Evaluate where students are in the learning process

  • Determine if students are on-track to meet expectations

  • Assigned periodically


  • End-of-Year and End-of-Semester tests available

  • Evaluate learning progress and achievement

  • Measure progress towards mastering standards

ExperTrack Question Types

Interactive Across All DOK Levels

A variety of question formats are found throughout each assessment. Technology enhanced items (TEIs) allow students to think critically and apply the knowledge and skills they've gained.  

Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Order of Events
Map Skills
Tables & Charts
Inline Match
Venn Diagram
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Teacher Analytics

Get snapshot data and statistics for each student in the Teacher Dashboard to easily measure and monitor student progress. Easily see whether students meet, exceed, or need support in each standard. 

Track Standards

ExperTrack analytics show results for every GSE. You can easily see which standards students have mastered and where they need support.

Track Performance

Easily track class and student performance based on standards, workbook chapters, learning objectives, DOK (Depth-of-Knowledge), RBT (Revised Bloom's Taxonomy), and more! Print or export results any time.

Track Improvement

Repeat Checkpoints when needed - progression reports track growth. View scores each time an assessment is taken and track improvement over time.

Track Success

ExperTrack gives your students the practice, and you the information, needed for GSE mastery and On-Track success!


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