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GA Grade K - Supplemental Resources

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Click the Shop button below to browse the resources you need to expand on social studies topics found in the Kindergarten Georgia Standards of Excellence.

National Holidays & Historical Figures

Abe Lincoln: Coloring Book

Abe Lincoln: Storybook

Abraham Lincoln: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Abraham Lincoln: Biography FunBook

Abraham Lincoln: Digital Biography Reader

Christopher Columbus: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Christopher Columbus: Biography FunBook

Christopher Columbus: Digital Biography Reader

George Washington: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

George Washington: Biography FunBook

George Washington: Digital Biography Reader

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Martin Luther King Jr.: Biography FunBook

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Digital Biography Reader

Martin Luther King, Jr. Keep Calm & Dream On Poster

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Poster

I’m Reading About: Pilgrims

Heroes and Helpers Bulletin Board Set

Heroes and Helpers Sticker Pack

Heroes and Helpers Coloring Book

Heroes and Helpers Poster

Georgia & American Symbols

My American Flag FunSheet (Pack of 30)

My First Book About Our Big, Cool USA

Pledge of Allegiance FunSheet (Pack of 30)

The Star-Spangled Banner FunSheet (Pack of 30)

Patriotic Coloring & Activity Book

I’m Reading About: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

I’m Reading About: Washington, D.C.

I’m Reading About: The White House

Georgia All About My State Poster FunPack (Pack of 30)

Georgia Coloring Book

Georgia Sticker FunPack

Georgia Flag Poster

I’m Reading About: Georgia

My First Book About Georgia

Georgia Symbols Bookmark

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