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Helpful Hints for Home Use

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Gallopade Support Specialists are available to assist teachers, parents, and students using Gallopade Curriculum online during the COVID-19 pandemic. A list of commonly asked questions can be found below and will continue to be updated. If you need additional help, please contact support or visit the Training & Support page.

Last updated 4/3/20

Teacher's Corner

Free Student eBooks Questions:

Under normal circumstances, the eBook gives students who received the print Student Book access at home. The free access gives you the ability to only view the Student eBook and Teacher's Edition. Therefore, eBooks cannot be printed or downloaded.

The Free student eBook is not interactive, but the students can use it to read and answer the questions on paper or on a Google Doc to turn in to their teacher. Under normal use for existing customers, our online curriculum is designed for each student to have their own login and they can interact with the content using many features available. During the Free shared generic login, those capabilities are not available.

For existing customers of Gallopade that are already setup with the full curriculum and unique Student and Teacher accounts, these features are accessible and will allow teachers to access the content to help students complete the current school year.

Computer, Browser & Web Requirements:

How to Download Group Data:

  • While logged into gallopadecurriculum.com, go to “Statistics” at the top of the page

  • Select “My groups”