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LA / 3rd Grade - Supplemental Resources

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Click the Shop button below to browse the resources you need to expand on social studies topics found in the 3rd Grade Ohio Learning Standards for Social Studies.

Louisiana Geography

Geography: Interactive Notebook

Map Skills: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Landforms: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Oceans: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Natural Resources: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Weather: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Weather: Science Alliance Activity Book

Natural Resources and Conservation: Science Alliance Activity Book

Landforms: Science Alliance Activity Book

The Mystery on the Bayou (Chapter Book)

The Mystery on the Mighty Mississippi (Chapter Book)

Louisiana Geography Bingo (Game)

Louisiana Geography Projects

Louisiana Write On/ Wipe Off Desk Map (Pack of 30)

Louisiana All About My State FunPack (Pack of 30)

Louisiana Big Activity Book

Louisiana Jography Activity Book

Louisiana My First Book About

Louisiana Project-Based Learning

Louisiana State Map (Pack of 30)

I’m Reading About: Louisiana

My First Book About Louisiana!

Louisiana: Primary Sources

Our Big Cool USA Poster Map

USA Map (50 States) FunSheet - Pack of 30

Louisiana Heritage & History

Louisiana: Primary Sources

Louisiana Biography Bingo

Louisiana History Projects

Louisiana Native Americans

Big Book of Native American Activities

Celebrating Native American Heritage

Mini Timeline of Native American History

Native Americans: Primary Sources

Native Americans: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Louisiana Big Timeline

Louisiana Student Reference Timeline (Pack of 10)

Hernando De Soto: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Robert de La Salle: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Jacques Cartier: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Samuel de Champlain: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Jacques Marquette: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Louis Jolliet: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Napolean Bonaparte: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Louisiana Purchase: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Louisiana Purchase: American Milestones Activity Book

Lewis & Clark: American Milestones Activity Book

Lewis & Clark: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Lewis and Clark: Biography FunBook

William C. C. Claiborne: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Henry Shreve: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Andrew Jackson: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

P.B.S. Pinchback: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Huey P. Long: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Jimmie Davis: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Thomas Jefferson: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Thomas Jefferson: Biography FunBook

Louisiana Photo Pack

Early Explorers: Primary Sources

Louisiana Symbols and Facts Funsheets (Pack of 30)

Louisiana Symbols Bookmark

Louisiana Symbols Projects Activity Book

The Statue of Liberty: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

I'm Reading About: the State of Liberty

Louisiana People Projects Activity Book

Louisiana Flag Poster

Louisiana Flag Sticker Pack

Louisiana History Bingo (Game)

Louisiana Biography Bingo (Game)

Civil War: American Milestones Activity Book

Civil War Key Battles & Events: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Road to the Civil War: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Don't Know Beans About: Civil War (Game)

Civil War: Primary Sources

The Big Civil War Activity Book

Civil War Resource Book

WHO Were the Key Players in the Civil War?

WHAT Was the Civil War About, Anyway?

WHEN Did It Happen in the Civil War?

WHERE Did the Civil War Happen?

Civil War Trivia

Civil War Field Trip Activity Book

Key Civil War Battles Poster

Union & Confederate States Map

The Civil War Bulletin Board Set

Louisiana Government

Forms of Government: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Branches of Government: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Civics & Government: Interactive Notebook

Louisiana Government Projects

Citizenship: Bulletin Board & Borders

Key Concept & Skills for Social Studies: DBQ Lessons & Activities

Political Parties & Elections: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Heroes & Helpers Coloring Book

Heroes & Helpers: Time of Crisis

Heroes & Helpers Activity Book

Communities: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Patriotic Documents: Primary Sources

U.S Founding Documents: DBQ Lessons & Activities

The Constitution: American Milestones

U.S Constitution: Common Core Lessons & Activities

U.S Constitution FunSheet (Pack of 30)

I'm Reading About the U.S Constitution

U.S Constitution Coloring Book

Elections Elections Elections Activity Book

Presidential Elections Resource Book

American Government FunSheet (Pack of 30)

Political Parties and Elections: Primary Sources

America's Amazing Political Parties Resource Book

The Democratic Party Coloring Book

The Republic Party Coloring Book

Presidential Elections Resource Bulletin Board Set

Economic and Civics

Basic Economic Concepts: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Personal Finance: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Key Concepts & Skills for Social Studies: DBQ Lessons & Activities

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