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Q1 2022 Curriculum Newsletter

Updates and New Features

The latest ExperTrack updates allow more functionality to improve the teacher and student experience. Discover the expanded features and latest updates below!

New Assessment Options

You have the option to view assessments with or without showing answers. When you open the VIEW mode of any assessment, you will notice that the answers have been turned off. This makes it possible to project ExperTrack without showing students the correct responses.

You are now able to print ExperTrack assessments. This will help accommodate students who need print versions of assessments.

You have the option to turn off the randomization of question order when assigning ExperTrack.

Student Submissions of ExperTrack assessments are now printable! Teachers can provide hard copies of student work or print them as a pdf for digital copies.

See where to find these new features in this video:

Read more about these new features here:

Change Settings for Multiple Assignments in ALL Submissions

From the All Submissions screen, you can now make changes to settings for multiple assignments of a resource for the class at the same time. You can change the status to graded, release grades to students, and allow students to review answers. You can also edit due dates for multiple assignments at one time. Learn more:

Standards Report Features

The standards report now makes it easier to find resources that evaluate specific standards and to assign content directly from the report. When viewing specific standards in the report (, column headers show which content is aligned to the specific standard, making it easier to identify additional content that can be assigned for enrichment, reinforcement or re-teaching.

To assign the content from the report, click on the icon in the header to open the assignment menu and assign the content.

The standards report also now allows you to see how students scored on each aligned content piece, side by side. (

Assessing Retention and Getting Ready for State Assessments?

As the school year progresses, you may want to use ExperTrack to determine areas where students need review or remediation. You can do this using ExperTrack Item Bank assessments or by using one of the pre-built End of Year assessments. For more information on building and using custom assessments, consider joining your trainer for topic-specific training for the ExperTrack Item Bank.

2022-2023 Back to School Training Will Start in July!

If you have potential dates in mind for training, contact your Gallopade training and support representative.

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Customer Success Specialist Middle and West Tennessee

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