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Q3 2021 Curriculum Newsletter

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We have made a number of exciting changes to the Gallopade platform!

New Resource Features

  • All digital student books can be completed digitally (either within the chapters for interactive books OR using annotation tools in PDF Plus books).

  • Text tool features in PDF Plus resources allow students to type text where needed.

  • Print functionality for PDF Plus printable pieces is embedded in the teacher view.

New Data Features

  • Teachers can see assignment submission details including student responses to specific questions for the digital student book (TN, OH, GA K-2) and Clickbook (GA 3-8).

  • In the assignment submission details area, teachers can toggle to ONLY see question screens rather than all screens.

  • Scores for all instances of an assignment compile on the All Submissions screen; data from the All Submissions screen is exportable into a CSV.

  • Scores on the All Submissions screen are sortable by first name, last name, date, and assignment type to enable easy location.

New Functions

  • QuickNav allows teachers and students to quickly access content in units and chapters.

  • Assignments appear for students within their My Course chapters to make locating assignments quicker and easier.

  • Teachers control the accessibility of content for students so that items can be “turned off” before or after assigning to limit student access (ex: teachers can “hide” the student book or study guide while students are taking ExperTrack assessments).

  • Student submissions are date stamped for the student; the date stamp is visible on student assignment tiles.

New Report Features

  • Toggles allow teachers to choose to only view data that has been sent to the grade book report.

  • Unit and chapter averages are visible in the grade book report.

For more information about these features, visit or consider attending a Gallopade overview session for your state hosted by your representative.

Save the Dates!

To help prevent access issues it is important that all users log out (not just closeout) of Gallopade before system updates. This is especially important for users whose districts limit access to browser history clearing.

Updates are planned for the following days:

  • Thursday, September 23, 2021

  • Thursday, October 21, 2021

  • Thursday, November 18, 2021

  • Friday, December 17, 2021

Topic-Specific Training

Are there specific areas of your digital content where you want or need more training? Topic-specific training sessions are for you! There are upcoming sessions for the following topics:

  • State-specific overviews (GA, OH, TN, LA, VA)

  • Resource specifics (student books, teaching tools, etc)

  • Monthly Updates

Click on the name of your curriculum training representative to see a list of upcoming topics, dates, and times and for registration links.

Pam Price-Williams

Curriculum Training and Support Middle and WestTennessee

& Eastern Ohio


800-536-2438 Ext. 29

Courtney Starling Stewart

Curriculum Training and Support East Tennessee & West Ohio

800-536-2438 Ext. 46

Nancy Wall

Curriculum Training and Support Georgia, Louisiana & Virginia

800-536-2438 Ext.15

770-631-4222 Ext.15

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