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Q4 2021 Curriculum Newsletter

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Training for the New Year

The new year is a great time for training for new teachers, those who need a refresher, or for a specific grade, school, and district needs. Gallopade has implemented a number of changes in the past several months, many of which we have included in the "In Case You Missed It" section below. Contact your support person to discuss your needs. There is no cost for training or support.

We are planning new topic-specific training sessions that can be joined by anyone. Please take a moment to complete the survey at the link below to help us better understand the best times and needs for training.

In Case You Missed It

Did you know that teachers are able to exclude specific items from scores in the OH and TN digital Student Books, K-2 GA digital Student Books, 3-8 GA Clickbook lessons, and Vocabulary Quizzes? Excluding questions from scoring is done from the details tab of the submissions area. Once questions are excluded, the score recalculates.

Vocabulary quizzes are now available for grades K-8 in Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee. These are fully auto-scoring assessments and may help indicate student mastery of key academic vocabulary.

For data to move to reports, assignments must be marked as graded. Pushing data to the internal reporting system provides information that can be used to monitor student progress on both the content and standards levels.

As the end of the semester approaches, exporting data and reports can help provide an archive of student grades on assignments. This may be very helpful if class rosters change in the new year.

Save the Dates!

The following list includes upcoming dates for system maintenance and updates. To ensure that updates load fully and minimize potential unexpected behavior, it is recommended that users log out of the system by 7 pm ET and remain out of the system during the update process. These usually last 90 minutes. Be sure to check the notification system inside your Gallopade account for any changes.



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Topic-Specific Training

Are there specific areas of your digital content where you want or need more training? Topic-specific training sessions are for you! There are upcoming sessions for the following topics:

  • State-specific overviews (GA, OH, TN, LA, VA)

  • Resource specifics (student books, teaching tools, etc)

  • Monthly Updates

Click on the name of your curriculum training representative to see a list of upcoming topics, dates, and times and for registration links.

Pam Price-Williams

Curriculum Training and Support Middle and WestTennessee

& Eastern Ohio


800-536-2438 Ext. 29

Courtney Starling Stewart

Curriculum Training and Support East Tennessee & West Ohio

800-536-2438 Ext. 46

Nancy Wall

Curriculum Training and Support Georgia, Louisiana & Virginia

800-536-2438 Ext.15

770-631-4222 Ext.15

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