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Q4 2020 Curriculum Newsletter

Updated: Feb 26

Course updates are coming!

When you return after holiday break, you may see updated content for your grade level. It is CRITICAL that you DO NOT remove your existing course at the risk of losing all data from the first part of the school year. Additional information will be provided after the break as to how to add this new content to your current account.

Closing out and getting ready for 2nd semester

  • Close Gradebooks: It’s about time to close out gradebooks and prepare for the coming semester. Export student data easily: Export Gradebook > Export Reports >

  • Access Reports: Gallopade reports make it easy to see student performance at a glance. Track performance by standard or curriculum content. To see data in reports, teachers must first release grades to reports. Learn more >

  • Curriculum Alignment Guide: Review the Curriculum Alignment Guide to help you quickly locate and identify where standards are addressed in both the Student Book and Clickbook-GA Only. Learn more >

New, quick access to the Support Hub

Ever been in the middle of a task and had a “need to know now” question arise? You can now click the (?) button in your menu for a direct link to the Gallopade support site, where you can search by keyword or browse through a list of topics to find the help you need.

Stay informed with news and updates using the Latest Updates category in the Support Hub.

New features to help students

Recent updates in the platform provide read aloud and translation capabilities for students.

Access for Administrators is now available!

The Gallopade administrator platform provides a view of schools, users, products, and classes. Access to reports is coming soon.

  • SSO administrators will be added directly from ClassLink and Clever.

  • Non-SSO administrators, please contact us for your self-registration access code.

Non-SSO teachers and administrators now have the ability to edit student accounts, reset passwords, and manage class rosters.

As always, you are welcome to contact us directly at if you have specific questions, concerns or support needs. We are here to help you and your students!

Nancy Wall - GA, VA, LA

Curriculum Training and Support Gallopade International 800-536-2438 Ext.15 770-631-4222 Ext.15

Pam Price-Williams -TN, OH

Curriculum Training and Support (251) 605-6500 800-536-2438 Ext. 29

Courtney Starling Stewart -TN, OH

Curriculum Training and Support 800-536-2438 Ext. 46

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