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TN / 3rd Grade - Supplemental Resources

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Click the Shop button below to browse the resources you need to expand on social studies topics found in the 3rd Grade Tennessee Social Studies Standards.


Tennessee Poster Map

Tennessee State Map for Students (Pack of 30)

Tennessee Write-On/Wipe-Off Desk Map

Tennessee History BINGO

Tennessee Geography BINGO

Tennessee "Jography"

Tennessee Big Activity Book

Tennessee Primary Sources

My First Book About Tennessee

Tennessee Interactive Notebook

Tennessee: Project-Based Learning

Key Concepts and Skills for Social Studies: DBQ Lessons & Activities

Geography: Interactive Notebook

Map Skills: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Our Big Cool USA Poster Map

USA Map (50 States) FunSheet - Pack of 30

USA Write-On/Wipe-Off Desk Mat - States Map

The Mystery on the Great Barrier Reef (Chapter Book)

The Wild Water Mystery at Niagara Falls (Chapter Book)

I'm Reading About the Grand Canyon

The Ghost of the Grand Canyon (Chapter Book)

The Mystery in the Rocky Mountains (Chapter Book)

The Mystery in the Smoky Mountains (Chapter Book)

Landforms: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Landforms Bulletin Board Set

Luke Surveys Landforms: Science Alliance Activity Book

Basic Economic Concepts: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Early American & Tennessee History

Tennessee Native Americans

Native Americans Primary Sources

Mini-Timeline of Native American History

Native Americans: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Big Book of Native American Activities

Native Americans - Bulletin Boards with Borders

Explorers: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Early Explorers: Primary Sources

Famous Explorers Bulletin Board & Borders

Christopher Columbus: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Christopher Columbus: Biography FunBook

Christopher Columbus: Digital Biography Reader

Ferdinand Magellan: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Hernando de Soto: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

13 Colonies: American Milestones Activity Book

Colonial America: Primary Sources

Colonial America: Common Core Lessons & Activities

The Lost Colony Storybook

The Mystery at the Lost Colony (Chapter Book)

Jamestown: American Milestones Activity Book

Jamestown: Common Core Lessons & Activities

Jamestown Trivia

Jamestown Storybook

I’m Reading About: Jamestown

The Mystery at Jamestown (Chapter Book)

I'm Reading About the Pilgrims

Out of the Mouths of Slaves: African American Oral History

Daniel Boone: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

The Mystery at Williamsburg (Chapter Book)

Mystery at Plymouth Rock (Chapter Book)