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VA / 2nd Grade - Supplemental Resources

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Click the Shop button below to browse the resources you need to expand on social studies topics found in the 2nd Grade Virginia Standards of Learning.


USA Write-On/Wipe-Off Desk Map

Our Big Cool USA Activity Book

My First Book About our Big Cool USA

Our Big Cool USA Coloring Book

Our Big Cool USA Poster Map

Our Big Cool USA Map FunSheet (Pack of 30)


Chief Powhatan: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Native American Heritage: Big Book of Activities

Native American Heritage: Celebrating Heritage

Native American Heritage: Mini Timeline

Christopher Columbus: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Christopher Columbus: Biography FunBook

Christopher Columbus: Digital Biography Reader

Benjamin Franklin: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Benjamin Franklin: Biography FunBook

Benjamin Franklin: Digital Biography Reader

Abraham Lincoln: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Abraham Lincoln: Biography FunBook

Abraham Lincoln: Digital Biography Reader

George Washington Carver: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

George Washington Carver: Biography FunBook

George Washington Carver: Digital Biography Reader

Helen Keller: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Helen Keller: Biography FunBook

Helen Keller: Digital Biography Reader

Thurgood Marshall: Digital Biography Reader

Rosa Parks: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Rosa Parks: Biography FunBook

Rosa Parks: Digital Biography Reader

I’m Reading About: Civil Rights

Civil Rights Coloring Book

Our Black Heritage Coloring Book

Jackie Robinson: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Jackie Robinson: Digital Biography Reader

Cesar Chavez: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Cesar Chavez: Biography FunBook

Cesar Chavez: Digital Biography Reader

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Biography Reader (Pack of 30)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Biography FunBook

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Digital Biography Reader

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Poster

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Photo Pack (Pack of 30)

Natural Resources and Conservation: Science Alliance


Pledge of Allegiance FunSheet (Pack of 30)

Young Patriots Book of Puzzles and Games

Patriotic Favorites Coloring and Activities

My American Flag FunSheet (Pack of 30)

I’m Reading About: Statue of Liberty

I’m Reading About: Washington, D.C.

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