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Gallopade's 1000 Readers series offers simple and fun biography readers for U.S. historic figures listed in state standards for social studies.

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Biography Readers

Print Biography Readers

Easy-to-read stories and fun activities show obstacles and hardships heroes overcame, their struggles, attempts, failures, perseverance, and accomplishments. 

  • Highlights achievements and important events during each historic figure's lifetime!

  • Builds reading skills while covering essential Social Studies content

  • Activities, fun facts, and quizzes help students increase comprehension and retain knowledge. 

Biographies are consumable and sold in Packs of 30.  

With over 360 biographies, find what you're looking for on!

Print Biographies are available in Class Sets or as an Add-On for the following states and grades:

Georgia: K-5

Tennessee: K-5

Louisiana: 3-5

Virginia: K-2, VS, U.S. I

Ohio: 2

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Digital BioReaders

Includes everything in the Print Biography Readers, but in a digital format with videos and sound effects!

View the list of Digital Readers per state.






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