About Gallopade


Gallopade International was started as Gallopade Publishing Group, a small press, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina in 1979 by Carole Marsh. Today, Gallopade is a 40-year-old, second generation family business and innovator in the children’s educational industry. The company is located just south of Atlanta in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Gallopade is a leader in the production of curriculum resources, supplementary educational materials, and children’s books. Our world revolves around the creation, development and perfection of standards-based curricula for K-12 in social studies, science, economics, civics, and more. State-specific, standards-based curricula is available for many states across the United States.

Curriculum Approach

3-Steps to Success

Gallopade's Curriculum is your complete solution. Our print and digital resources were created with both teachers and students in mind. We know how important the State and District Assessments are, so what better way to ensure your class is learning, retaining, and applying lessons than to teach, test, and track your students' success! With our interactive, easy-to-use resources, you can rest assured that our Class Sets will help you meet your goal. 


Teach by using small bites of content, followed by reinforcing activities, our proven approach provides an interactive learning experience that succeeds in students learning, understanding and retaining standards content and skills.


Test with quick, mini, standards-based assessments and get immediate scoring feedback. High-quality assessments and auto-grading are a huge time-saver for teachers. Great practice for Assessment Tests.


Track by standard, performance, improvement, and success for individual and class progress. Document every standard that has been taught and assessed, plus identify targets for remediation.

Evidence-Based Approach

Research behind Gallopade Curriculum




Author & CEO

My goal is to help every student thoroughly understand and feel pride in our country’s fascinating history and our state’s unique heritage and culture. Once children enjoy learning, and have truly educational and entertaining tools, passing the test is no problem. My passion is for them to do more than pass the test with flying colors; I want them to feel compelled to become the best citizens that they can be. This is what I believe top quality curriculum-related materials can do for children.

Carole Marsh, Founder & CEO​​

Learn more about Carole and her work at Gallopade.com.