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Assessment System

Measure student learning with ExperTrack Assessment System's interactive, auto-graded assessment questions. Results data informs instruction, while students improve comprehension, deepen understanding, and strengthen their ability to apply knowledge and skills.


Measure Student Learning
ExperTrack Pre-Built Tests

Through different ExperTrack assessment methods, teachers are given the data needed to recognize if students are meeting expected learning standards. Tests are pre-built, covering the topics and skills required by state standards. 



  • Measures and documents annual student improvement

  • Evaluate students against standards and test for prior knowledge

  • Identify areas to focus future instruction



  • Evaluate where students are in the learning process

  • Determine if students are on track to meet expectations

  • Check understanding after each chapter or unit



  • End-of-Year tests assess understanding of content and skills learned throughout the school year

  • Measure progress towards mastering standards

Item Banks

Teachers will now have the ability to create their own assessments using a pre-existing and aligned bank of questions.

expertrack item bank.png

ExperTrack Question Types
Interactive Across All DOK Levels

A variety of question formats are found throughout each assessment. Technology enhanced items (TEIs) allow students to think critically and apply the knowledge and skills they've gained.  

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