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Grading & Reporting

Easily measure and monitor student success with reports at the course, class, and student level. Standards-based reporting provides documentation of student progress throughout the school year.

Reporting & Analytics

Tracking student engagement and performance plays a crucial role in understanding the effectiveness of how and what they learn. Gallopade’s Reporting & Analytics tracks student growth throughout the school year. Easily view whether students meet, exceed, or need reinforcement of standards. Print or export results at any time.

Track Standards

View class and student averages for meeting academic standards.

Track Improvement

Track growth and progression over time. Repeat activities and assessments as needed.

Track Content

Track progress and usage data by content and activity type. Identify patterns and evaluate areas needing improvement.

Track Success

Share data with students, parents, and district personnel.


Assignments can be graded
manually and released to students. Write and submit feedback to the students. Export results for students and parents.

Students can access graded assignments, review submitted work, and view teacher feedback.

How it Works

Allocate assignments and schedule due dates.
Assignment Class View
View class progress on individual assignments.
Grading View
As completed, assignments are auto-graded and documented.
Grade Reporting
Complete the grading process swiftly and decide how grades are reported.
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ExperTrack and Clickbook (for grades 2-8*) include hundreds of pre-built, auto-graded assessment questions.

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