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Q2 2020 Curriculum Newsletter

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Gallopade Curriculum Online has a whole new look! In case you missed it, this summer Gallopade rolled out a brand-new online instructional platform and digital course for teachers and students. Please read several important updates below

Clever / ClassLink (SSO) Admins

Can your teachers log in to Gallopade Curriculum Online? Yes: There is one final step for teachers to complete (add the course to their class(es)). Please share the Getting Started instructions with your teachers.  No: Connecting Clever or ClassLink to Gallopade is very easy. Your district's technical contact should follow the instructions below to connect to Gallopade. Is your school or district new to using Clever or ClassLink this year? Please let us know as soon as possible by emailing 

Clever Instructions

  1. Authorize an SSO connection to the Gallopade app

ClassLink Instructions

  1. Find the Gallopade app in the ClassLink Roster Server.

  2. Add the Gallopade OAUTH2 SSO app to your ClassLink management console

  3. Please restrict the data to send only the appropriate grade-level(s) purchased. If you are unsure, please contact us at and we will give you the specifics. 

  4. Enable data for sharing.

  5. Let us know when it’s ready and when you plan to synch ’20-’21 data to ClassLink so we can begin synching with you.

Not using Clever/ClassLink and need to get setup?

  1. District and/or school contacts have been sent an email with registration instructions

  2. Once the requested information has been received, Gallopade will send a unique school access code for teachers to sign up online. 

  3. Please share the Getting Started Online instructions with teachers, which cover how to sign up, create a class, and add a course. 

  4. The Gallopade Curriculum Online login page has changed. Login by visiting and clicking LOG IN at the top of the page, or click this link and bookmark the page. Login>


ready to get started?

Please reference the new Getting Started Online instructions.

Need Help?

Browse Tutorials and FAQs online.

Training & Support

Our support team is here to help with your transition to the new Gallopade Curriculum Online.

Schedule a live webinar training

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