Student Books are the core curriculum component for Gallopade Curriculum. Every word, activity, map skill, and assessment was written based on your state's standards. 

Student Book

Grades K-8

100% Aligned

All-in-One Curriculum

Student Books combine textbook content with workbook activities in one book. Students receive their own copy to write in, highlight, take home, and keep. With adoptions, classes receive a new set of books each school year. 


  • Created for YOUR STATE; 100% comprehensive, aligned, correlated

  • Not intimidating, boring, or complicated

  • Engages students and creates an interactive learning experience


Engaging Activities

  • Reading for information

  • Cause & Effect

  • Classifying Information

  • Predict Possible Outcomes

  • Primary Source Analysis

  • Inference

  • Point of View

  • Problem-Solution

  • Compare & Contrast

  • Analyzing Charts & Graphs

  • Critical Thinking

  • Timelines

  • Map Skills

  • Fact or Opinion

  • and more!



Gallopade Curriculum uses ​multiple evidence-based instructional theories to achieve successful results in the classroom.

Core educational theories utilized throughout the program include chunking, active learning, engagement of multiple learning styles, and standards-based instruction using all levels of questioning and thinking.