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Gallopade Curriculum is an interactive, flexible social studies curriculum program designed to engage students in a multi-sensory learning experience. Gallopade blends interactive print and digital tools with literacy enhancement builders through our dynamic learning platform. For over 40 years, Gallopade has been partnering with teachers to teach state standards. Through Gallopade's curriculum and supplemental resources, educators have a wide array of grade-appropriate resources at their fingertips to teach, test, and assess student success.

A Simple & Flexible Workspace

Whether you're teaching online or in-person, access all Gallopade Curriculum components in your online workspace. All instructional tools have been organized by unit and chapter, making it easy to locate and assign learning resources, activities, and assessments. 

Easily Distribute & Grade Assignments

With the click of a button, assignments can be distributed at the class or student level. Need to assign more than once? No problem!


Grade assignments with the Gradebook, where teachers can choose to release grades to students and/or reports.


A Digital Course for Students

Access to the Student Book is always available within the Digital Course. Students can easily see when assignments are due, with quick access to begin, continue, or submit them. 

Complete Activities with Markup Tools

Activities can be found throughout the Student Book, Teaching Tools, and Biographies. Complete PDF activities online using Gallopade's PDF markup tool. Students can highlight, take notes, and draw on pages. 


View Grades & Performance

Students can view their assignment grades and teacher feedback. My Progress allows students to see overall course performance at a glance. 

Free Training & Support

Gallopade is here to help with questions and training practice. Get direct access to our support team and tutorials, video instructions, webinars, live chat, hands-on training, and FAQs. 

Training available for Teachers and Administrators.

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