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Get online access to tools for every chapter that help you teach and enhance the content in the Student Books. Add rigor to your instruction with a focus on critical thinking, writing, literacy, and analyzing primary sources - all aligned to state standards! 

Teacher Tools is included FREE with your Class Set purchase!

Available In:   Georgia: K-8th 

Tennessee: 3rd-8th

Ohio: K-8th

Teacher's Edition

The Teacher's Edition includes answers to questions and activities in the Student Book, plus a page-by-page planning guide for each unit and chapter. In addition to...

  • Plan and document your instructional calendar, assignments, due dates, strategies, differentiation, and assessments

  • See the list of Teacher Tools available to enhance instruction in each Unit and Chapter

  • Prepare students for unit content with anticipatory activity Unit Openers providing instructional strategies

  • Know when to assign an ExperTrack assessment

Chapter Tools

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Primary Sources

  • Multimedia Resources

  • Literacy Enrichment

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Map Skills

  • Interactive Notebooks

  • Vocabulary Builders

  • Writing Prompts

  • Assessments

  • Project-Based Learning 

  • Study Guides

Multimedia Resource Gallery & Internet Links

Find primary and secondary sources that align to the standards, content, and skills covered throughout the Student Book. The types of resources provided include current and historical photographs, maps, political cartoons, paintings, documents, infographics, videos, and more!

Links to curated internet resources are also included!

Teacher Tools are organized to match Student Book units and chapters, making it simple to access, choose, and print the resources you want to use. Each Tool enhances instruction while easing the burden on your time. 

  • launch instruction with student engagement and inquiry

  • connect content to social studies themes and enduring understandings

  • meet local requirements to identify learning objectives and essential questions with ease

  • boost rigor with primary source analysis, project-based learning, graphic organizers, and more

  • build literacy, vocabulary, and writing skills

  • maximize student comprehension and retention with scavenger hunts and study guides

Online Teacher Tools


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